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​​​​​DRDO acquired approximately 2100 acre of land in 1970's for the purpose of Anti Tank Missile Testing.  Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the then Director of DRDL persuaded Govt of Andhra Pradesh to give the land for setting up RCI. The area occupied by RCI has been named as Vignyana Kancha. On 5th Aug 1985, former Prime Minister Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi laid the foundation stone for this establishment. Former President of India Shri R. Venkatraman inaugurated the laboratory on 27th Aug 1988. RCI, a premier R&D organization in the country with an objective of developing frontier technologies for Defence applications.


      RCI has considered as 'Avionics Hub' of DRDO. It is one of the three DRDO Labs of 'Missile Complex'. It houses different work centers, integration and testing facilities.RCI is a leading laboratory of Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) and responsible for development of missile system and also design, development and participation in production of missile avionics like Inertial Navigation Systems, Control Systems, Real Time Embedded Computers, Imaging Infrared Seeker, Radio Frequency Seeker and Power Supply Systems. Telemetry and Telecommand systems are also developed in RCI to evaluate missile performance during its development phase. RCI is an ISO 9001-2000 laboratory. RCI focus is to design and develop world class, State-of-the-art missile technologies which will produce precise and reliable indigenous weapon systems to strengthen country’s Armed Forces.

   The Infrastructure facilities established include state-of-the–art Electro Magnetic interference / Electromagnetic Compatibility, Environmental test facility for climatic and dynamic testing of Missile Avionic Systems and Compact Antenna test facility. The first indigenous Trishul missile was successfully flight tested with indigenous Control and Navigation Systems. Subsequently Prithvi and other missiles were successfully flight tested with indigenous avionic systems after thorough testing in simulation laboratory and extensive Environmental testing. Subsequently several core technology areas were identified and added to RCI

Shri Anindya Biswas, Outstanding Scientist(OS) is the present Director of RCI​.




Vendor Interested to participate in the Procur​ement process of RCI must be registered at​ To get Login ID & Password please contact us to activate your Profile / User ID. Phone No. +91-79-40016866.

"Vendor Registration fees has been increased from Rs.100 to Rs.500 with effect from 15/12/2016. The registration fees should be paid in favour of PCDA R&D Hyderabad."

"Presently Vendor Registration validity is also changed to 3 years only."

Flash New​s  

1. Now all the registered industrial partners(firms) can view their IR/Payments information for the items supplied on or after 25 Oct 2021

2.Mandatory Registration in Government e-Market (GeM).Click Here for details

3​.An undertaking is require to submit by all the registered bidder/firm/company/vendor of RCI (including eprocurement registered bidder) that in the past they have never been banned /debarred for doing business dealings with Ministry of defence/Govt of India/any oth​​er govt organization and there is no enquiry going on by CBI/ED/any other Govt agency against them by urgently .This should reach to the m​ail id of

4.The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee congratulated DRDO on the successful test-firing of the Medium Range Surface to Air Missile. FOR MORE INFO


1It is mandatory requirement that all personnel working in the area of assembly / QC activities of flight hardware shall possess IPC certification with respect to the standards; IPC-J-STD-001; IPC-A-610 respectively, Certification may either from INTEC, RCI (by IPC Master Trainers) or at IPC India Bangalore within time frame of JANUARY 2016.
2. Certified personnel shall be continuously involved in the assembly / QC activities as per their certification. More than 6 months break necessitates the individual recertification and also if certified personnel fails to perform the activities for which he is certified satisfactorily, the personnel needs to undergo repeat training and get re-certified.
3. Re-certification is mandatory every three (3) years for all the personnel for technology update.​​​